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By Catherine 16 Jan, 2018
Hello Families,

My names Catherine and I’m an educator here at Creative Childcare Kotara.
We love to provide the children here at the centre with wonderful experiences, from arts and crafts to cooking experiences with our cook Meegan and of course teaching them the all-important self-help skills.
With the summer holidays in full swing are you looking for something to do to entertain the children over the break?
Here at Creative Childcare Kotara we have been doing some research into fun experiences for children and their parents too!
These things don’t have to break the bank and can be as simple and easy as getting creative in the kitchen, taking a picnic and some games to the park and enjoy a story under the shade of a tree the list goes on.
Children love to help, and this is something we love to encourage here at Creative Childcare Kotara especially with our older pre-school children! Get the children to help you with your jobs, doing the gardening, shopping and setting the table for dinner!
Don’t forget to keep yourselves safe from the summer sun and Slip, Slop, Slap with your sunscreen and wear a hat. Here at Kotara we are a SunSmart children’s centre and the children are encouraged to learn how to apply their sunscreen with the help from the educators and must wear a hat to play outside. Please check out the link below to get some more information on what being SunSmart means for us and your children at the centre.
Enjoy your summer holidays and have fun!

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By Chloe 10 Jan, 2018
Hello Families!

My name is Chloe and I am an educator and parent at Creative Childcare Hunter Street. Its that time of year where holidays are winding down and school is starting back up again and maybe for you and your family it’s the time you head back into the work force and begin searching for that perfect place to bring your little ones. I want to talk to you about 5 things I think you should look for in a service that not only will impact and improve your child’s future but will make your child care provider experience a positive one. Before I get into what you should look for I highly recommend you look through the Child Care Australia website and understand the different types of care available as well as how to get assistance for the cost of care.

In my experience the most important thing to look for in a centre is the interactions you can observe between staff members. No matter how wonderful a centre looks, cooks, or cares for your child if a positive relationship between staff and parents isn’t there then as a parent you will never feel completely confident about your choice of care. Something to look for when you visit our centres is how staff will greet you and your child. Look at drop offs for educators who are sitting with children and engaging them in an activity or physical comfort. Welcoming spaces where child care providers are helping make those drop offs as smooth as possible are a great indication to their level of care and attention. Engage educators in a conversation and share whatever information you can and feel comfortable doing, it’s funny how the little things can impact our child’s day and influence their moods and responses to various activities. Having a centre that as a parent you can place your confidence in and be able to have a dialogue about what ever may arise truly makes all the difference.

I choose to send my children to the centre that I work at for more than just convenience, I’m blessed enough to be an active participant in the inner workings of a child care provider which I like to think makes me an expert on what took look for and see how Creative Childcare strives to meet those expectations. While finding and having confidence in your child care provider are important, there are many different benefits of attending a child care centre.

One that I believe has the greatest impact on my child’s everyday life is the added immunity. While you will start off feeling like your child is catching everything and that can sometimes be discouraging it is a short tunnel with a bright light at the end which will sometimes make you wish your child could have a temp, just so you can get a day off. Children who attend care from an early age receive an added immunity that those starting later in life miss out on. There is a window of opportunity for children who begin care under the age of 2 ½ (Denise, 2010).

I find that my son has advanced more quickly then my eldest whom spent most of his time at home with me, his language and social awareness is more developed, and he makes connections between subjects and concepts more quickly and with less explanation and more exploration. Socially I find that my son is more likely to initiate an interaction than some of his peers who don’t attend care. His play interactions are more in depth or tend to cross over into different subjects or more complex forms of play. While this may seem inconsequential now, in the long run it will help my child be okay with failing, even look forward to it, so that he has the opportunity to try again. He will understand the work required behind success and celebrate achievements with those who supported and participated in those achievements. But that’s not all, child care providers help more than just children, we help families and the communities in which they work.

Did you know that parents of children in care are statistically shown to have a more enriched quality of life? That not only do the physical benefits of a child being in care impact the child, but the time parents must work, earn and take a little bit of time to themselves, compounds and impacts their children and their grandchildren. Research has shown that parents of children in care are less stressed and have improved health. (Miller, 2017)

Take the time to come visit our centres, ask educators questions about how they would solve problems or issues that you want reassurance on or genuinely are unsure of yourself. Creative child care, in my opinion is a progressive centre with an outstanding staff. Come see for yourself!

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By Jem Perez 31 Aug, 2017
Nature provides human beings with an environment that we can use for sustainability. We benefit from the sunlight, water, air, land and the various products derived from them. The plants and animals that are found from the land, as well as the aquatic animals from the sea, serve the various needs of ‘man’.
By Jem Perez 28 Aug, 2017
Taking a glimpse of our little ones fall into a deep slumber. Their eyelids peacefully shut, oftentimes fluttering while they journey on an exciting trance. Watching them is like a vision of a paradisiacal prairie – like witnessing a breathtaking seascape. Seeing our babies enveloped in a profound sleep is like having a quick getaway — resembling the experience of being taken into a relaxing holiday like no other. There is a form of pure captivation and untainted relaxation that are present. As we stare to our babies’ innocence and tranquility, we take advantage of the moments that evoke two things: gratefulness  and hope . We feel incredibly thankful to have been blessed with a perfect, astounding child that gives us a reason to live. A cherub that brings so much happiness into our lives. A gift who gives us the ability to dream, while strengthening our hope and faith for the future.
By Jem Perez 14 Jul, 2017
Staying healthy is important for one to live a happy, stress-free and fruitful life. A person is considered healthy if they are able to maintain a good balance of a sound body and mind. In order to attain a certain level of wellness physically, mentally and emotionally among our children, we need to develop and practice these health habits that are geared towards a healthful living:
By Jem Perez 23 Jun, 2017
Mums and dads who are very much involved in the development of creativity, critical thinking and life skills among their kids would be making a very wise decision when they encourage their children to study drama. Why choose drama?
By Jem Perez 20 Jun, 2017

Many educational philosophies and models are being used worldwide. They all have their distinct characteristics and key features; but all are geared towards strengthening the instruction and to empower the learning of a child, so they can unlock their fullest potential. Reggio Emilia is an innovative approach to early childhood education, which is deemed to be both inspiring and edifying.

This approach originated in the city of Reggio Emilia in Italy. Since its development in the 1940s by Loris Malaguzzi – a psychologist, with the help of the parents in and around Reggio Emilia, this stimulating and exciting educational philosophy to early childhood has been recognised and used around the world. It focuses on the preschoolers’ intellectual development, encouraging them to explore their environment and express themselves in making use of their available expressive, communicative and cognitive languages. The approach is not regarded as a teaching-learning method but rather, it is considered as a living process, which is why the approach does not remain the same through the years. It continues to grow and evolve.

It is a fascinating early childhood philosophy because it sees the child as someone who is full of curiosity and has the potential to instinctively learn and understand the world where he/she is in. This educational concept strongly believes that children have the capacity to learn in a hundred  different ways and they are capable of showing and expressing their understanding in a multitude of ways. The teachers are not considered as the giver or provider of the learner but they serve as a tool in learning.

When a child seeks an answer to a question, the teacher does not give a ready answer, but both take a research and find the answer together. What an engaging way to discover and learn!

By Jem Perez 30 May, 2017
Children need all the right kind of nutrients in order to be strong and healthy and to reach their optimum development. These nutrients are derived from different kinds of food that we have: be it solids or liquids. Infants are initially fed through breast-milk or with formula milk. Milk has the complete nutrients that babies need. More so, the mother’s milk—which is highly recommended by pediatricians—has colostrum, which is proven to help babies in their digestion, while protecting them from being susceptible to various diseases as they grow.
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